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Happy Halloween


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This is why Justin and I get all the ladies…

Don: I would like some Taco Bell, though.

Don: Why isn’t it in my mouth?

Justin: hard to say.

Justin: it is far away!

Don: My desire shall not sway!

Don: I’ll head forth to the taco establishment with no delay!

Justin: will you have it today?

Don: I just may!

Justin: i say!

Justin: i would not mind eating that way.

Don: So, you’d prefer to join me for the soiree?

Justin: i would have at least three appetizers and an entree!

Don: The idea of this dining-pairing makes me feel so gay!

Don: My hot sauce lust grows. The taco will be my prey.

Justin: shall we join the dining fray?

Don: To my dismay, I must remain in this building until the end of the business day.

Justin: isn’t that always the way?

Don: But will be prepared to embark on the quest for the taco later, okay?

Justin: i should go get some money so i can pay.

Don: Yes, go to the ATM and get some monet.

Don: (little art joke there, wouldn’t you say?)

Justin: well played.

Don: Touche.

Don: Ballet.

Don: So, we just agreed to get some Taco Bell after work, right?

Autotune, The Cosmos, Sagan, Hawkins

I was just moved by a YouTube featuring, of all things, autotune. See for yourself:

From the song / book / TV show:

The sky calls to us
If we do not destroy ourselves
We will one day venture to the stars

A still more glorious dawn awaits
Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise
A morning filled with 400 billion suns
The rising of the milky way

I’m going to order the book and DVD set of the 13-Hour TV series now. Come over and we’ll watch it together.

A Smashing Good Time


Childhood Joy

Film Trailer as Art – “A Kiss From Tokyo”

“A Kiss From Tokyo” Theatrical trailer from Stephane coedel on Vimeo.

Last Night’s Dream

I was on a beach with my girlfriend who, in this dream, was a naked, blonde woman with sand covering her body. She looked like the usual magazine beach-shoot girl. Photographers were following her.

I was uncomfortable because a particularly aggressive duck was chasing me. I could tell that the duck wanted to bite me. I was worried that this duck would distract me long enough for the shark that was wading in the nearby shallow water to jump onto the sand and bite me.

Just prior to waking up, and in the midst of this photo-shoot-duck-and-shark madness, I lamented Michigan’s terrible weather and stated that I’d rather live on the west coast.

The U.S. Needs More Jesse Venturas

Part 1

Part 2

This Makes Sense To Me

Over thirty years ago, Jacque Fresco expressed what I think are logical and feasible ideas on The Larry King show. Can we start listening to him now?

Pantera’s ‘War Nerve’ vs. Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock With You’

I love contrast, but there are times when shuffled music juxtaposes two songs and I must say, “No, I can’t let these play back to back. I’m taking over from here.”