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These contain images for your eyeballs.

Hey, Photos!

Coolest photo that I’ve ever snapped of myself, surprising sun-in-face and all. Longest. Shirt. Ever. Hannah, Beth, and Aaron, waiting patiently for Spamburgers. They approved. Ian on the bus. He was not yet car-sick at this point. Debbie on the bus. This picture is all sorts of cool, I think. Debbie, smiling that ‘are you […]


August 2007 August 2008 That’s right, Taco Bell. I win! (I’m just kidding, baby. You know I love you)

New Digs

So, I took my retail therapist’s advice and purchased some furniture, lamps, and a rug. I then cleaned my room, built the appointments, and arranged them. Below are the results. The bed and nighstands are made of pine. I’m usually into darker woods, but thought that I’d try something new. I love the duvet cover […]

The Desk Project

When I moved to San Francisco, I was faced with the task of furnishing my new home. I was renting a room in a house in the Sunset District. The house was lovely, and my room was spacious, but the neighborhood was awful. It consisted of homes, Chinese delis that proudly displayed skinned ducks in […]

Brokeback, white people, the big news, and images.

I forgot to mention that I saw Brokeback Mountain. It was great. Very much worth the hype, if you ask me. Solid acting all around, but Ledger really stood out. It was a complete transformation for him and he nailed it. I must say that Ang Lee has really surprised me with this one. I […]

Whales, photos, attire-trends.

I want so much to see this movie. Who’s coming with me?!? I created a LiveJournal account. I did so so that I could read the blogs of my friends who do the private-posting schtuffs. If you’re one of them, add me. Dear fashionable clothing companies, Please make something that fits me. I know […]

Dress up

70’s porn star.  Insurance salesman.  Something along those lines…

Lets just get in the car and drive…

How I see you.

You’ve always been technicolor to me, Jeni.

For your eyeballs

I keep saying that I’m going to actually put time into getting better at photography, but then I take a bunch of pictures like these [half-drunken, without aim]… Jeni with mouth ajar. She was teaching me how to pose. Matt says hello.  Joe counts sheep. Jeff didn’t start the fire.  Billy Joel did. Soon after, […]