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These contain images for your eyeballs.

Henry Rollins Is Still My Hero

A Smashing Good Time

The New Year

I know it’s a bit late, but here it is anyway. I had a blast on New Year’s Eve. Ha. That last one was taken in this weird, hidden nightclub in the Mission. It was open until the wee hours of the morning.

Happy Holidays from My Camera

The top one is my favorite. [Puppy, my coworker]

Elise, The Roommate

Company Holiday Party – iPhone Snaps

During party. After party. Morning after. I participated in a dance-off. It was fun.

My Recent L.A. Trip

I flew to L.A. That’s my plane. Figure that out. What? It was. I was visiting Ana. That’s her. I don her glasses to become Hipster Don. We saw this ad on our way to the hotel. It cracked me up. I jolted my arm out the car window and snapped this. Mission Accomplished. Ana […]

Morning Routine

I am all that is man.

I ate so much for lunch today.

I’m fine.