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Category Archives: It’s All The Same Shit, Really.

Happy Halloween

This is why Justin and I get all the ladies…

Don: I would like some Taco Bell, though. Don: Why isn’t it in my mouth? Justin: hard to say. Justin: it is far away! Don: My desire shall not sway! Don: I’ll head forth to the taco establishment with no delay! Justin: will you have it today? Don: I just may! Justin: i say! Justin: […]

Autotune, The Cosmos, Sagan, Hawkins

I was just moved by a YouTube featuring, of all things, autotune. See for yourself: From the song / book / TV show: The sky calls to us If we do not destroy ourselves We will one day venture to the stars A still more glorious dawn awaits Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise […]

A Smashing Good Time

Childhood Joy

Film Trailer as Art – “A Kiss From Tokyo”

“A Kiss From Tokyo” Theatrical trailer from Stephane coedel on Vimeo.

Last Night’s Dream

I was on a beach with my girlfriend who, in this dream, was a naked, blonde woman with sand covering her body. She looked like the usual magazine beach-shoot girl. Photographers were following her. I was uncomfortable because a particularly aggressive duck was chasing me. I could tell that the duck wanted to bite me. […]

The U.S. Needs More Jesse Venturas

Part 1 Part 2

This Makes Sense To Me

Over thirty years ago, Jacque Fresco expressed what I think are logical and feasible ideas on The Larry King show. Can we start listening to him now?

Pantera’s ‘War Nerve’ vs. Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock With You’

I love contrast, but there are times when shuffled music juxtaposes two songs and I must say, “No, I can’t let these play back to back. I’m taking over from here.”