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About Me

Little bit geeky, little bit macho, occasionally manic. I have a small circle of friends and find solace in that mixed bunch. Movie buff, addicted to music, sing when I’m alone, probably judging you right now.

I moved to San Francisco on April Fools Day 2006 and absolutely adore it.

I’m shy, but I overcome it well. I’m upbeat and optimistic, but tend to get cynical and exhibit absolutely no tact or delicacy when it comes to the lame, the full of shit, the foolish, the cliquey, or the trendy. I’m critical, but forgiving if your folly is innocent. I make it a point to be polite and considerate until given a reason to be otherwise.

I have yet to attend college and spent ‘those years’ working, playing, and getting to know a handful of the human race.

I write from time to time, dabble in graphic-design, read, sing, climb, play video games [when I can], watch movies, and enjoy good wine, beer, tequila, bacon, and chocolate.

I’d have to say that my favorite thing in life is to make people laugh. Nothing feels as good as that to me. Isn’t that precious?

I enjoy subtlety in fashion, architecture, interior design, and most forms of art.

I aspire to live amongst a more informed populace. I cringe when faced with the tacky and self-serving types that seem to be procreating at an alarming rate. I’m sickened by what we’ve allowed to transpire in this country and yearn to be out of reach of the maniacs who control it. Who’s coming with me, other than the goldfish? Hey, that was a movie-reference. I like movies.