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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Missive to a Coffee Shop Asshole

Dear Asshole, We can all see what you are. Your unkempt hair, ratty backpack, and unwavering grasp upon your coffee cup. You don skinny jeans and a boys size-small t-shirt with, of course, a most obscure pattern and message upon it. The pale skin on your malnourished face is shrouded by patches of dirty blonde […]

Happy Holidays from My Camera

The top one is my favorite. [Puppy, my coworker]

Elise, The Roommate

Drugs and Dancing

This lady danced up a storm in front of my place of work. She’s got the moves.

Religion, Sex, and Powdered Sugar

Gawd I saw the film ‘Religulous’ recently. I enjoyed it and thought that it was funny. I’ve heard some people use the word ‘sobering’ when describing it, though. While I understand what they mean and agree with them in a very general way, I cannot fully empathize. I can’t say that I had the same […]

A quote from my living room

“Are they going to make a chocolate-vanilla twist?” ~My roommate while watching black actor and a white actress move in for a kiss on TV.

Company Holiday Party – iPhone Snaps

During party. After party. Morning after. I participated in a dance-off. It was fun.

One of those days


Distance: 5.64 miles Minutes: 64 Avg. Heart Rate: 159 Calories: 790 Will I run a marathon next year? Probably not. Definitely not. I’ll eat some Dorritos though. A lot of them.

Black Snake Christina Ricci’s Boobs

If I were a religious man, I’d have concluded long ago that god gave us teeth for the sole purpose of transporting corn from the cob to our mouths.