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Monthly Archives: November 2008

I cannot love you anymore.

To My Crimson Confidant, You were good to me. I won’t deny that. Loyalty wasn’t an issue, for you were at my beck and call. Whichever whim that bubbled up, you acknowledged and accommodated. Most of the time, I didn’t even have to speak. I’d point and you would take action. Servitude. Am I ashamed […]

The Incredible, Adaptable Crow

My Recent L.A. Trip

I flew to L.A. That’s my plane. Figure that out. What? It was. I was visiting Ana. That’s her. I don her glasses to become Hipster Don. We saw this ad on our way to the hotel. It cracked me up. I jolted my arm out the car window and snapped this. Mission Accomplished. Ana […]

Speed Racer – My One [final] Paragraph Review

Many modern-day armchair critics prefer to view movies from a stuffy, outside-looking-in position with real-world cynicism loaded and cocked. If one plans to employ such a method while watching this movie, one might as well deduct a good portion of potential enjoyment points prior to pressing the play button. Speed Racer should be watched from […]

Morning Routine