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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Current Mental Status

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Control / Freak

He maintains control, no question. He’s tall and collected and bulletproof. His heart lies peacefully inside that box because he put it there. It peers out when he says it can and the mere weight of his hand keeps that box grounded and secure. Going about his business each day and keeping that animal calm […]


August 2007 August 2008 That’s right, Taco Bell. I win! (I’m just kidding, baby. You know I love you)

Hilarious Quote

He says he believes in god and jesus. But he believes in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too. -Kaye, discussing her four year-old son’s approach to religion.

New Digs

So, I took my retail therapist’s advice and purchased some furniture, lamps, and a rug. I then cleaned my room, built the appointments, and arranged them. Below are the results. The bed and nighstands are made of pine. I’m usually into darker woods, but thought that I’d try something new. I love the duvet cover […]

An Article About Them

Hipsterdom is the first “counterculture” to be born under the advertising industry’s microscope, leaving it open to constant manipulation but also forcing its participants to continually shift their interests and affiliations. Less a subculture, the hipster is a consumer group – using their capital to purchase empty authenticity and rebellion. But the moment a trend, […]