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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Brokeback, white people, the big news, and images.

I forgot to mention that I saw Brokeback Mountain. It was great. Very much worth the hype, if you ask me. Solid acting all around, but Ledger really stood out. It was a complete transformation for him and he nailed it. I must say that Ang Lee has really surprised me with this one. I […]

Whales, photos, attire-trends.

I want so much to see this movie. Who’s coming with me?!? I created a LiveJournal account. I did so so that I could read the blogs of my friends who do the private-posting schtuffs. If you’re one of them, add me. Dear fashionable clothing companies, Please make something that fits me. I know […]

Feb. 14

February 14.mp3

More things that I dislike, a couple that I enjoy. Also, stuff.

I don’t care for makeup.  If you must wear makeup, I prefer that it’s applied in such a subtle manner that I’d not actually notice that you’re wearing it.  Super made-up girls =  what the French call, ‘le ick.’ Long [fake or not], extravagantly painted nails look silly to me.  Often times, those who don such nails aren’t really […]

Top 50 assholes, simply-drawn greatness, etc.

If I read one more myspace profile that contains the phrase, ‘I love to laugh,’ I’m going to throw up thumb-tacks. No shit? What a valid and original point to make while describing yourself! Do you like to breathe and digest, too? No WAY! We like the same things! If you find yourself bored, take […]


I don’t really like surveys, lately, but four people have sent this one to me, so what the hell… Have you ever pretended to be sick?  Sure.  Work, school. What was the last lie you told?  No idea.  I make it a point to be honest, these last few years. Have you ever cried during […]

Dress up

70’s porn star.  Insurance salesman.  Something along those lines…