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Monthly Archives: January 2006

Lets just get in the car and drive…

My brain just exploded.

Prepare yourself for randomness… I had the best sushi, ever. It was from SanSu and is called the SanSu Roll. Per the online menu, it’s made up of eel, salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber, tamango w/ spicy/sweet sauce and is lightly battered. It was perfect, I swear. SanSu also serves a sake called Ozeki Nigori Unfiltered. […]

How I see you.

You’ve always been technicolor to me, Jeni.

I love Henry Rollins.


Oh come on…

That bit about me being emotional was no joke.  I just cried because of a post.  I swear I’m going to be the next Bright Eyes. Thanks Dad.. Tonight was your birthday, and I didn’t really get the chance to say all of the things I wanted to say about you in my toast […]

For your eyeballs

I keep saying that I’m going to actually put time into getting better at photography, but then I take a bunch of pictures like these [half-drunken, without aim]… Jeni with mouth ajar. She was teaching me how to pose. Matt says hello.  Joe counts sheep. Jeff didn’t start the fire.  Billy Joel did. Soon after, […]

Showdown and the news [not Huey Lewis]

This is great. Be sure to turn subtitles on. Oh, and screw Mr. Rogers. Lo Pan is always the victor. I caught some coverage of the middle-school shooting in Florida while at lunch today. The talking head stated that, “…the student then pointed the gun in a threatening manner at an officer…” Here’s a news-flash […]

Random Facts about me

I don’t like belly-button rings.  I don’t know why, they just never look good to me.  Eyebrow rings don’t, either. I don’t pull out into the turn lane, ever. I’m assertive, but laid back.  Go figure. I don’t drink much soda, but I love it.  Mexican Coke, ginger beer, and orange-cream are my favorites.  Now […]

Looking glass

I’m watching my laundry tumble-dry. Jeans fall upon shirts that fall upon socks and so on. It’s hypnotic. Brown hoodie on and I’m slouched. I appear shiftless, I’m sure, but that’s not at all true. My gears are turning, like always. The Fight Club soundtrack ticks in my ears and aren’t I just the hippest […]

Early separation

No Child’s Behind Left: The Test By Greg Palast New York — Today and tomorrow every 8-year-old in the state of New York will take a test. It’s part of George Bush’s No Child Left Behind program. The losers will be left behind to repeat the third grade. Try it yourself. This is from the […]