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Monthly Archives: December 2005

The bridge trembles and movierama!

INXS – Greatest Hits  I think it’s safe to say that I’m in the anger-stage of this all.  I’m an emotional Jekyll / Hyde.  I’m beginning to resent her and the union.  Perhaps that’ll actually help…  I don’t know.  I slept like crap last night because of it all and am really just tired of the […]

It’s true.

S*****i: do you even know what a pie crust promise is? d****s: Not at all, but I like pie, so I assumed it was good.

I wish I knew what changed.

Email. Nov. 14, 2005.

It’s five in the fecking morning!

Beethoven – Piano Sonata No. 14 Why am I awake right now? I’m not at all tired. I suppose the recent [event] is to blame, but it’s really not on my mind in the same way that is has been the last week or so. I mean, it’s there, but it’s pretty fleeting. Comes and […]

I adore Bust a Move by Young MC.

I really like this coffee shop. The coffee isn’t perfect, but the decor is. There’s a fireplace made of stone, soft light, couches, and chairs. I’m drinking chocolate chai latte with a shot. Young MC was just playing through my headphones. Tom Petty, now.   I just got back from playing racquetball for the first […]

Great character actor dies, Urban ruins.

Vincent Schiavelli died yesterday.  I really enjoyed his work. Looking through the galleries on this site has proven to be oddly addictive.

[Courtney] Love, cats, bar, rebound.

In recent [well, six year-old] news, Courtney Love isn’t as dumb as I assumed she was. If you have the time, read this. makes me want to get a cat so that I can put stuff on it. I know that that’s the wrong reason for acquiring one, but I’m just being honest. I […]

Put me back together

I spent every penny of my savings and took more days off of work than I could afford to visit her. I became distracted by my anticipatation of the visit to the point of not being able to carry my side of conversations for weeks. I could barely breathe when I finally met her. And […]

Taken apart

Awkward. I was awkward, growing up. I was the new kid, over and over again. I made no long-term friends. I became attached to movement, not places. I lacked fashion because I couldn’t afford it. I stood out, but in no way that I could be proud of. Solace was found when my nose was […]