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Monthly Archives: November 2005

Glacial metacarpal phalanges

I’m at work and my hands are cold.  I can barely move my fingers.  This is a problem because my job requires that I decompose in front of a computer for ten hours per day.  It’s winter, but the concept of turning the fucking heat up is apparently too much for the thermostat-nazis in this […]

Meme-type survey

1. My uncle once: sang a song that made me cry. 2. Never in my life: have I felt like I belonged. 3. When I was five: I smiled with teeth. 4. High School was/is: me vs. 1300 rich kids. 6. I once met: ABC [Another Bad Creation] when they tried to cut in line. […]

Images, randomness, and me being a prick, as usual.

I’d like to start on a positive note. Here are some things that I hate: -People who tuck their pants in while wearing no belt. -Cellphones or keys worn on one’s belt. -Money that is obviously fake in films. -Wangsters who post pics of themselves doing wangster hand-gestures. I want a pre-fab. What about you? […]