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Slept under the stars

Jumping Jesus, I’m hungover. Better than still being drunk [this morning] while at work. Maintaining focus proved to be difficult. I’d say it was worth it, though – I had a blast.

I arrived at Dylan and Adam’s for beverages and banter. We talked shop, bigtime. The geek-factor was intense and, at one point, I noticed that we were being quite loud. Drunken-frat-boy-loud. By the time we began the hike to Mac’s, I was well-lit.

The band that played prior to the Hard Lesson’s was great. The lead singer had that ‘I don’t care about anything’ expression on his face the whole time. He was like Liam Gallagher, but cool. If anyone knows what the band was called, let daddy know. [daddy=me] [seriously]

The Hard Lessons rocked as usual, though I only stayed for half of their set. I was absolutely trashed and, knowing that I had to work at 7am the next day, felt it wise to get some sleep. I recall barely being able to talk and buying Alia a few beers [I don’t know why; she dislikes me]. Apparently, I drunk-dialed, too. Yay for beer!

I never drink and drive, so when I got back Adam and Dylan’s place, I slept in the car. Smart Master 6000 [me] even set an alarm on the cellphone. Did it wake me? Shit no, it didn’t. Shannon did, though. She’s the reason that I was only an hour late for work. Good girl! I awoke in the passenger seat with no shoes or belt on and my feet hanging out the window. Did I mention that I love sunroofs? I zipped home, showered, and went to work. Tons of fun.

An aside: I woke up smelling like bum-feet. What the shit was that all about?

Jolt Cola is keeping me sharp [or, sharp-like].