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Random shite and ill computer

The lid of my laptop is cracking a bit, so I’ve sent it back to Acer to fix. In the meantime, I have no computer other than the one I use at work. Shoot me. It’s not all that bad… fuck that; yes it is.

I saw the new Chocolate Factory. It was neat. I thoroughly dug the Oompa Loompas but feel that Depp overacted a bit. Not his fault, I’m sure, as the role almost calls for it. I prefer Gene’s portrayal.

While driving down the street I live on, I noticed that one of the telephone poles was on fire. The whole thing, from the ground up to the transformer that sat otop it was in flames. Wires, too. It was like a 50 foot campfire. It was beautiful.

I no longer have my cat. A family with more members [scratching posts], a larger home [puke-receptacle], and a yard [boundless litter box] wanted her. I knew it’d be best for her but was sullen after shipping her off. So sullen, in fact, that I had no choice but to clean until my apartment sparkled. That wasn’t enough, though. I had to take it to the next level – partook in the consumption of the carnal delight that is the Triple Chocolate Meltdown from Applebee’s. Did it help? No, but it tasted darn yummy.

My new iPod case is sweet. It’s the Agent18 ClickShield. It’s hard plastic and clear so as not to hide the little, white beauty. I also snagged the iPod remote [free of charge] and am now officially one with iPizzo. That’s his name.

Yeah, I named it. Why are you looking at me like that?

I’m making a trip to KY again on the 2nd of Sept. I’m very excited. The company is top-notch. Pair that up with the local flea-market – heaven.

Did I forget anything? hmmm.. How about a few mini-missives! Here goes..

Dear urban-dressing people with the t-shirts that are long enough to choke a hippo, you look fucking silly…like a clown. Keep that shit up and you’ll out-do the goths.

Dear goths, yeah, I said it.

Dear Comcast, T-Mobile, and Fed-Ex, you’re service sucks. I hope you all have vomiting fits until next February.

Dear G.W. Bush, I see in the news that you’re trying to get creation taught in public schools. How lame. Separation of church and state happened for a reason, you dolt.

‘you ever notice that people who believe in creationism look really un-evolved?’ – Bill Hicks