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Monthly Archives: August 2005

Slept under the stars

Jumping Jesus, I’m hungover. Better than still being drunk [this morning] while at work. Maintaining focus proved to be difficult. I’d say it was worth it, though – I had a blast. I arrived at Dylan and Adam’s for beverages and banter. We talked shop, bigtime. The geek-factor was intense and, at one point, I […]

It makes me laugh.

Da****gh: when are you going to india? dizzoknows: Nov. 15. Da****gh: coo Da****gh: what are you doing Sept 11? dizzoknows: Staying the fuck away from tall buildings. You?

Jolt, porn, clowns, and a still-ill computer

It’s morning and I’m tired. I should have brought the iPod to work today as I am in dire need of some wake-up music. No matter, Jolt Cola will fix me. Any Jolt fans out there? That shit’s the shit. I made Hamburger Helper Stronganoff last night and it was the cat’s meow. I could […]

Random shite and ill computer

The lid of my laptop is cracking a bit, so I’ve sent it back to Acer to fix. In the meantime, I have no computer other than the one I use at work. Shoot me. It’s not all that bad… fuck that; yes it is. I saw the new Chocolate Factory. It was neat. I […]