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Monthly Archives: July 2005

Chai Masterson

So, I woke up with a teddy bear in my hands [instead of the cat, wrapped around my head like usual]. “You have a teddy bear? What the fuck, dude…” Well, I’ve had it since I was a pup. He’s called my Coocoo Bear. He has a T-Shirt on that says, “I can’t bear it […]

Second visit

Shannon visited me last weekend. I picked her up from the airport on Friday night. The plane was an hour late because she distracted the pilots and they wandered off-path. BAD GIRL! I had a great time with her. We went to dinner a couple times, saw War of The Worlds, rented a couple movies, […]

India update

So, it’s looking like I’ll be going to Mumbai in November or December. I’ll be staying for about three months. I’m excited, but worried. I may or may not get to keep my job after the trip. It’s such a cool opportunity, but should I be focusing more on getting another job in the states? […]