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Watch out for those hippies…

So, I just read this article about a fella that was caught with a large weapons cache in his home. His secret was discovered when a neighbor noticed a .50 cal anti-aircraft machine gun sticking out of a window….of his house…in his neighborhood. [scary] The part of this story that gets me, though is a comment made by a neighbor; “We’d always been a bit concerned because we thought we could smell marijuana.” Yeah…potheads are ALWAYS shooting down planes….ass.

I love how our government has brainwashed half the U.S. population into thinking that marijuana is dangerous. Have you seen the commercials? They usually go as follows:

Young woman is babysitting for a friend. She’s participating in the great American past-time, TV, and begins to get bored [go figure]. She mischievously peers left…then right, and pulls out a ‘blunt.’ Before you can say ‘war on drugs,’ the baby sitter’s setting fire to the linens and has taken a dump on the baby. Then, comes the ‘moral’ of the story in the form of an intimidating voice; “You think pot is harmless? Think again.” [brought to you by the We’re-not-making-money-off-of-weed-so-it’s-bad Association]

Dear idiots who put stock into these commercials,

Deaths caused by cigarettes: 430,700 [annually, U.S.]
Deaths caused by excessive alcohol use: 100,000 [annually, U.S.]
Deaths caused by marijuana: 0 [annually, wait…ever]

In fact, cigarettes kill more Americans annually than crack, coke, P.C.P., heroin, meth, and ecstasy combined.

Not Fooled

P.S. I don’t smoke pot, myself. [well, not very often]