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Monthly Archives: April 2004

Ready for bed…

I prefer spearmint [spelling?] over the other minty flavors. I like to chew gum and drink beer. I chew gum when in public or with new friends so that my staring isn’t so intense and obvious. I was at a friends house this evening and had to use the bathroom at one point. After washing […]

Silent Missive #1

Dear Skinny white guy who acts like a thug, Why did you feel the need to push the elevator call-button? You saw me push it when we walked up to the elevators. Is there some special technique that you used to make it come faster? Also, you know FUBU stands for ‘For Us, By Us,’ […]


Just a quickie… Weekend was good. Jenny hung out. Easter at Grandma’s. This morning [so far]: Blasting Cameo on the way to work. Pants smell like pickles [don’t ask]. Knocking back a Stacker 2 [no Efedra] with a Slim-Fast right now. Today is going to be busy busy busy. Have to send back a motherboard […]