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Monthly Archives: March 2004

Another test…

I took another test. It’s at You should take it. My results are as follows: The Loverboy Random Gentle Love Master (RGLMm) Well-liked. Well-established. You are The Loverboy. Loverboys thrive in committed, steady relationships–as opposed to, say, Playboys, who want sex without too much attachment. You’ve had many relationships and nearly all of them […]

Spider-web style thought…

Mood: Chilled like James Spader in Less Than Zero Music: Elvis Costello So, I’m an ass. I have really been neglecting this blog and that needs to change. My reasons? Well, I wish I could say that I have been too busy, but that’s not entirely true. Busy is part of the reason, but for […]

Witty spaz….

Mood: Laid back like Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused Music: The Darkness Well, it’s morning on my side of the planet, and that can only mean one thing – my energy pill is kicking in a tad too hard. These things make me understand how those Strongman contest guys are able to pull UPS […]

Morning ramblings….

Mood: Still waking up Music: Miles Davis – In A Silent Way Sessions It’s been a while since I last posted, so I’ll do my best to fill in the gaps… The night of my last post was fun. I had much beer and whiskey, conversed with friends, danced, etc. I successfully got the ex-girlfriend-induced […]